The official app of the TERRA WORTMANN OPEN

32nd TERRA WORTMANN OPEN June 14th to 22nd 2025

TICKET CENTER +49 5201 81 80
Monday - Friday 11 am to 4pm 
(at Sportpark, Gausekampweg 2, Halle/Westf.)


How to get there

Are there reserved parking spaces for wheelchair drivers?

Visitors with valid disability ID and a wheelchair are allowed to park directly at the stadium. When approaching the main entrance of OWL ARENA you will automatically be guided to the proper parking area by the security service.

Where do I find the main entrance of OWL ARENA?

The main entrance is located directly in front of the OWL ARENA with access over Roger-Federer-Allee (formerly Weidenstraße).
The main entrance of the OWL EVENT CENTER is located vis-à-vis block G of the arena and is signposted.

Which hotels are there in proximity of the OWL ARENA?

Directly adjacent to the OWL ARENA and to the OWL EVENT CENTER there is the 4-star COURT HOTEL. Otherwise, you can get information on further accommodations at


Is the OWL EVENT CENTER also suitable for wheelchair drivers?

The entire complex of the OWL EVENT CENTER is at ground level and thus accessible without problems for wheelchair drivers.

What is the holding capacity of the OWL EVENT CENTER?

The seating in OWL EVENT CENTER can be varied. There are various seating plans for the events, like e.g. theatre style (maximum 1,499 seats), picnic-table seating (maximum 1,499 places incl. standing room). Events with standing room only, may be visited by a maximum of 2,499 persons. Seating plans are retrievable under "service".

Where is the entrance of the OWL EVENT CENTER?

You pass through the main entrance of the arena ground and then directly approach the entrance of the OWL EVENT CENTER.

What was situated there, before the OWL EVENT CENTER has been constructed?

Until 2001, during the tennis tournament, the VIP pavilion was erected once a year at the spot, where the OWL EVENT CENTER is located today since 2002.

Is there a wardrobe at the OWL EVENT CENTER?

Yes, at the entrance of the OWL EVENT CENTER there is a supervised wardrobe.


Can I enter the arena ground without paying, if I do not wish to watch the tennis matches?

No. For this case you can purchase a so-called ground ticket at the OWL ARENA TICKET CENTER  (in pre-selling) or on the respective day of the event at the box-office. With this ticket you can enter the stadium ground and the adjacent courts. Furthermore, you can watch the supporting programme on stage at night in the beer garden. You will not be admitted to OWL ARENA.

Is there a box-office?

There is a box-office at the main entrance of the stadium ground, which opens during tournament week.
At the opposite of the box-office you can find deposited tickets for pick up in case you did not receive your tickets via mail.

Can I also watch matches on the adjacent courts with my day ticket?

You can watch ALL matches, also the ones on the adjacent courts. You have a fixed, numbered seat of a price category of your choice at the Stadium on the Centre Court and can go to adjacent courts at any time, to watch the matches there. Here, you can choose your seat freely.

Can I buy tickets for a specific match?

You previously opt for a specific matchday e.g. 1. lap /Monday or quarter-final /Friday. You always purchase a day ticket for all the matches of the day. You can not buy a ticket for the match of a specific player, since the fixtures for the first lap are the result of the drawing taking place only shortly before and on the other match days the matches are carried out in K.O.-mode. Thus nobody can say in advance, which player will play on a specific day.

Are there any reductions?

For information on reductions for children /adolescents  and Mottotag-Ermäßigungen please see “Tickets”.

Where can I buy tickets for the tennis tournament?

You can reserve tickets via out hotline (+49) 05201-81 80 or online go to "tickets"on this page. Or you can purchase tickets at the ticket agencies, associated to eventim-, TicketOnline- or NordWestTicketSystem.

When will the qualification for the main group beginning on Monday take place and can I watch these matches?

Qualification takes place at the weekend before beginning of the main group. It is open to public and admission is free.

Can I watch the supporting programme taking place every day with my ticket?

You can watch the supporting programme with your ticket. Performances of artists, bands etc. take place after end of matches always on the stage in the beer garden.

Can I watch tennis with my VIP ticket?

No. With your VIP ticket you always have to purchase an entrance ticket. The VIP ticket only entitles to entrance into the VIP pavilion.

When do the matches start?

As soon as these information are fixed you can see them under "opening times".
For short-notice information, please call 0 52 01-81 80.

Can I stay overnight during the tennis tournament at the COURT HOTEL?

There are no vacancies during the tournament week at the COURT HOTEL.

Where is the referee seated, and where are the players’ benches then?

The referee is seated in front of block C. The players’ benches are placed beside on right and left side. That means if you have seats in block C, you are seated behind the referee and the players; seated in block G, you see them from the front.

Which is the sunny side of the arena?

In the afternoons, the sun shines directly over block C. Block F, G and H are in the shadow.

ATP Information to Data Distribution & Live Scoring

No ticket holder or spectator may continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from the commencement of a match through its conclusion for any commercial, betting or gambling purpose). The continual use of laptop computers or other handheld electronic devices within the confines (spectator area) of the tournament match courts is prohibited. The exception to this provision is properly credentialed media, tournament vendors and tournament staff when used in the performance of their duties.


What was on the land plot, before the OWL ARENA has been built?

On the present arena area was situated the club ground of the tennis club 'TC Blau-Weiss Halle'.

Where is the main entrance of the OWL ARENA?

Main entrance to the arena ground is located directly at Roger-Federer-Allee and is only a few minutes’ walk away from the parking spaces.

What is the holding capacity of the OWL ARENA?

Subject to the stage- or field layout the capacity can comprise up to 11.500 spectators.

Is the OWL ARENA also suitable for wheelchair drivers?

The OWL ARENA is also suitable for wheelchair drivers. However the number of wheelchairs that can be placed depends on the type of event and on the arrangement of the stage.

What is the difference between the lower tier, the upper tier and the interior?

The lower tier of the arena is the original stadium, before it has been extended in 1993. The below stand comprises about 5.500 seats. The upper tier is the upper stand, subsequently installed together with the convertible roof on the lower tier. You can compare the seats there with the seats on the balcony of a theatre. You have to climb about 100 steps to reach the upper tier. The interior is the tennis court. Here, either a seating is set up for concerts or the standing room is located there.

Is there an elevator to get to the upper tier?

No, there is no elevator.

Can the arena be heated?

Yes, the arena can be heated. In 2005 a heating system has been installed with infrared emitters and windblockers. However there still remain areas which can not be protected completely against draught, due to the open construction type of the arena.

Boxes-what is it?

The boxes are placed in front of the actual rows in the lower tier.
During the tennis tournament these are mostly sold as complete package as week- or weekend boxes incl. VIP-Catering.
For concerts, the boxes are available as standard entrance tickets. In blocks A, B and H however, these are preferentially sold in connection with the VIP packages.
The number of boxes is reduced during events taking place on the elevated sports floor (Handball, Volleyball...). Due to the floor foundation, the boxes at the longitudinal sides C and G cease to exist. Boxes then are only available at the short sides and in the corner blocks.
Almost all boxes comprise six seats. These are not numbered! In the box, you always can CHOOSE your seat FREELY!


Where is the stage set up during concerts?

Depending on the production, the stage is placed at the short side of the stadium in block E or is set up as centre stage in the interior.

Will the roof be closed during events?

The stadium roof is opened or closed respectively depending on weather and arrangement of stage machinery.

Which events take place in the event halls?

In both halls, various sports events, concerts and musical events take place. These events are public events for which tickets may be purchased by all interested persons. In addition, also so-called private events are organized in the halls. Among these rank corporate events, product presentations, or private events.

Am I allowed to smoke in the event halls?

For safety reasons, smoking is not permitted in the halls during events.

Are kids and adolescents allowed to visit concerts without accompanying person?

This depends on the age of the kids. Pursuant to § 5 of the Jugendschutzgesetz (law for the protection of the youth) ("dance events ") attendance of children and adolescents under 16 years of age without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian is not permitted - and attendance of adolescents over 16 years of age until midnight at the latest.

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